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Innova Interior Modification Into Luxury Business-Class Lounge

Innova Interior Modification Auto Trade Design Provide Most Luxurious Car Lounge Modification Services in India. One of the latest trends in the world of luxury cars is the modification of car interiors.

It’s perfect for VIP business meetings in Innova’s privacy partition. You can enjoy your privacy in your own car. The privacy partition is a retractable curtain that separates the driver’s compartment from the passenger area.

Star light and ambient light systems are an increasingly popular addition to car interiors. These systems can be installed in the roof of your car and provide a soft, relaxing glow that adds to the overall ambiance of your driving experience.

Conclusion: Auto Trade Design Provide India’s Most Luxurious Car Lounge Modification Services. Get a Private Rear Cabin with Sound Proof Privacy Partition, #32″ Inch Android LED Screen, Fully Comfortable Automatic Recliner Seats with Heating and Massaging Features, and many more advanced features, contact our team for more details about Car Lounge Modification. Get — Quote Now — +917303097807.


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